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Wine Not: Salivating over Salmon and Sauv Blanc

April 03, 2019

Wine Not: Salivating over Salmon and Sauv Blanc

Wine Not: Salivating over Salmon and Sauv Blanc

By Hannah Cole, guest blogger for The Lady Pearly

Red wine goes with red meat, white wine goes with fish... right?

I always wanted to learn more about the food and wine pairings that I’ve blindly followed in the past... so I called my friend who had just completed a wine pairing course at school. She invited me over for dinner, and a plan was born.

The menu? A lemon-dill oven-baked salmon, roasted asparagus, and... Bixby Creek’s Sauvignon Blanc.


This white wine was picked by my friend who said it would complement our fish and flavors nicely. I took a picture of the descriptive label which listed the wine’s notes, but did my best to not over analyze it.

Once we had dinner in the oven, the games began. She coached me through a series of sniffs and observational twirls, making sure I jotted down my thoughts... all before we took a sip.

Some of my first takes on the notes for the nose were Grapefruit, basil, and a sweet floral I couldn’t quite place. My friend suggested this could be the smell of Gardenia.. Which ended up being right!

Finally, we were able to taste the wine, which, I thought, presented flavors of strawberry jam, elderflower, and again.. Basil! However, once I looked at the notes from the winemaker, I realized I had potentially been overzealous in my analysis.

Here’s what we were supposed to find:


Once we had dinner ready, we started to taste the wine in tandem with the food... and while tasting the wine after the fish didn’t do much for either of us, having a sip of wine before the fish brought out playful elements from the  lemon marinade that I hadn’t noticed before. This was an excellent pairing.

I loved getting to know more about the different parts of the wine experience, but I loved the time I spent with my friend even more. 

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