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Notorious Pink - Rosé - France

Notorious Pink

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  • Notorious Pink - Rosé Wine - France

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    Size: 750 ml

    11.5% ABV

    A rosé that is pale pink in color that exudes floral orange blossom aromas. Made from 100% Grenache from the South of France, mature berries used to balance the flavors of ripe berries that gives it a wonderful acidity and soft minerality.

    Grapes: Grenache

    Region: South France

  • Grenache is generally spicy, berry-flavored and soft on the palate and produces wine with a relatively high alcohol content, but it needs careful control of yields for best results. Characteristic flavor profiles on Grenache include red fruit flavors with a subtle, white pepper spice note. Grenache wines are highly prone to oxidation with even young examples having the potential to show browning coloration that can be noticed around the rim when evaluating the wine at an angle in the glass.

  • Grenache pairs well with:

    • Pizza
    • Braises and stews
    • Chicken and Okra Fricassee

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